General conditions:


Delivery/receipt of a vehicle:

You can take over and return a vehicle at the address of our office, at the Nikola Tesla Airport (BEG) without extra charges, as well as at the address at your choice on the territory of the city of Belgrade. The vehicle can be taken and returned beyond working hours, with no extra charges.


Renting minimum:

Minimum use of services is one day (24h).


Driver's age:

Minimum 21 years of age.


Driving license:

Driving licence must be valid for at least 2 years. Mandatory identification - ID card, or passport for inspection.


Payment method:

Rental payment is effected by credit cards (Master, Maestro, Dina, Visa, American Express) or by cash. Legal entities can make payments through accounts. Deposits are paid in advance, when taking the car, according to the valid exchange rate of the National Bank of Serbia. The deposit is paid by reservation of funds on a card or by cash. Rental price is not included in the deposit. The amount of the deposit depends on the car class.



The lessee is bound to pay for the consumed fuel. The fuel is not included in the rental price, the lessee is obliged to return the vehicle with the same quantity of fuel that existed in the tank on the occasion of taking over.


Traffic offences:

Lessees are exclusively responsible for any offences during car renting, being the consequence of infringement of the traffic regulations of Serbia. The rented vehicle must not be used: under the influence of alcohol, drugs, sedatives or other medicines;


 • for illegal purposes (e.g. criminal, customs and foreign exchange offences...);

 • for charged transport of passengers or goods;

 • for any competition, speed tests, or races;

 • for drive or traction of other vehicles, trailers or any object;

 • when not roadworthy;

 • for driver training;


It is forbidden to travel to Turkey, Albania and Kosovo by a rented vehicle. THE INSURANCE IS NOT VALID in these areas! Police record is mandatory for all kinds of insurance!

If there is no police record, the full amount of the damage and/or theft will be collected from the client, regardless of the type of insurance.


Additional driver:

A rented car my be driven only by a person specified in the agreement as the driver. There is an option to add an additional driver in the Agreement against the approval of Club 72 Rent-a- Car, when taking over the vehicle. This service is not charged. The additional driver must be minimum 21 yeras old and his/her drivig license must be valid for at least 2 years.


Daily mileage:

Daily mileage limit is 200 kilometers. When a car is driven beyond this limit, the fee is charged per kilometer.


For prices indicated on the site there are no additional charegs.


The borders of the Republic of Serbia may be crossed exclusively with the licence of Club 72 Rent a Car.

It is forbidden to car rental travel to Turkey, Albania, on the territory of Kosovo and the former USSR countries.